About Goa.PanchayatRaj.Net


The Platform

Goa.PanchayatRaj.Net is an online platform for empowering rural Goa by building an active community of Goan villagers contributing towards saving and developing our wards and villages by highlighting, sharing and discussing ideas and opinions about the status quo, issues, as well as opportunities.

Our Mission & Vision Statements

The mission and vision statements for this initiative have been outlined on Our Mission & Vision page.

When we say the Mission & Vision is our‘s, we mean it’s your’s and that of all of us Goans who are willing to come forward to save and develop our villages.

We encourage you to read the mission & vision statements right away so that you can appreciate the purpose of this initiative and the thought process behind it.

And, since it is your mission and vision too, if you think that we should add or modify anything to give more meaning to this platform, feel free to let us know.

The Discussion Forum

The platform currently hosts a discussion forum that exhibits over 3000 sections covering panchayat raj inGoa, its 2 districts, 12 blocks/talukas and 189 village panchayats.

Each village panchayat has dedicated subsections for discussing issues, doubts, development ideas, panchayat raj improvement proposals, committee changes, meetings and resolutions, corruption, and other topics at village level as well as individual electoral ward levels.

How it Works

  • Responsible villagers and government officials, who sincerely wish to make a positive difference, join in by registering as a member on the website.
  • Members then discuss various topics by writing their views. Written opinions get heard “aloud”.
  • Through transparent discussions, debates, and information sharing, people as well as government officials receive virtually unlimited benefits and our villages develop safely and rapidly.

The Users/Audience

While all Goans are cordially invited to support this initiative by signing up for a free login account, initiating new topics within relevant forum sections, and freely expressing opinions in response to topics initiated by others, the core users for this platform are:

  • Gram sabha members of all village panchayats (i.e. everyone on the electoral rolls).
  • Elected members (panchas) of all 189 village panchayats.
  • Officials from the State Ministry of Panchayati Raj.
  • Officials from other concerned departments of the Government of Goa.
  • NGO’s with a mission to empower villages and/or panchayat raj in Goa.

What’s in it for YOU?

Benefits for Registered Members

As a registered member, you get to:

  • Ask questions and get answers/advice for your doubts and problems.
  • Develop your online identity as a significant part of the rural Goan community.
  • Keep track of, and get involved in, what others in your ward, village, or elsewhere in Goa are discussing and doing.
  • Understand the functioning of village panchayats and activities of elected members in a detailed and transparent manner.
  • Report and discuss concerns, issues, ideas, and opinions, thereby playing a vital role in saving and developing your village and Goa.
  • Be notified of important news and announcements made by panchayat officials and/or fellow villagers.

Benefits for Panchayat Raj Officials

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, panchayat officials are empowered with:

  • Better insight into the pulse of the people they represent.
  • Opportunities to take people into confidence by responding to their voices.
  • A platform to call out to people when needed and also share with them information on schemes, plans, events, decisions and actions in a timely manner.

Most Importantly:

Registering yourself on Goa.PanchayatRaj.Net shows everyone that you care for your village and for Goa. Even if you plan to be just a silent spectator, be sure to sign-up for an account because it supports and helps boost the network, besides of course giving you all the added advantages of being a registered member.


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