Mission & Vision Statements


Our Mission

The mission of Goa.PanchayatRaj.Net is to empower Panchayat Raj in Goa by:

Growing an Active Community

  • To build a strong representation of villagers and panchayat raj officials contributing towards saving and developing our villages.

Creating Awareness

  • To educate people about the functioning of Goa Panchayat Raj, how each villager plays an important part, and how each of us can make a significant difference.

Increasing Visibility & Transparency

  • To help the leaders understand the pulse of the people, particularly in their own ward(s) and village(s), through the discussions and debates on the online forum.
  • To enable authorities to make important announcements to people.
  • To keep the villagers well-informed of panchayat proceedings by publishing information like, for example, minutes of meetings, resolutions, audit/investigation reports and budget, in a timely manner.
  • To enable villagers to raise issues and ask questions and enable panchayat officials to provide answers and clarifications in response.

Promoting Vigilance

  • To expose and arrest illegal activities and anti-social elements within the villages.
  • To keep a tab on the activities of elected panchayat members and other panchayat raj officials and expose any and all corruption, past or present, and loopholes for potential corruption in the future.
  • To track actions and initiatives of past/current/potential leaders so as to help people take better-informed decisions when electing their leaders.

Encouraging Innovation & Continuous Improvement

  • To help people suggest specific ideas for the development of individual villages.
  • To help identify specific ideas on how to improve the functioning of panchayat raj at various levels of individual villages, blocks/talukas, and districts.
  • To enable authorities to track such ideas so that they can be pursued efficiently.

While this platform itself will provide required support for this mission, it is up to the people of the soil to participate and actively contribute towards making it happen.


Our Vision

We have begun this initiative with a vision of realizing the following:

  • A massive and active community of villagers and panchayat raj officials contributing towards saving and developing our villages, with full-fledged representation and participation from all Goan village panchayats and respective electoral wards.
  • Widespread awareness of the working of panchayat raj and of applicable rules and regulations.
  • Increased visibility and transparency of both, the pulse of the people – through active and widespread discussions and debates, as well as the proceedings of panchayats – through active information sharing and timely response to queries and grievances.
  • A panchayat raj that leaves minimal room for corruption, if any, with everybody contributing towards exposing any misdeeds and unlawful actions, be it by villagers or by panchayat officials; and an environment that is conducive to producing leaders who come forward for the benefit of the villages rather than for personal gains.
  • Rapid improvement of villages as well as functioning of panchayat raj, with people actively contributing innovative ideas that are proactively acted upon by authorities.


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