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September 28, 2015 at 5:14 pm #5893

Of the seven-member Carmona village panchayat, only three panchayat members, including the former Carmona sarpanch Lavita Dias have boldly come forward and declared their support to the villagers agitating against the Raheja multi-housing project comprising of 88 bungalows and a club house at Tambdege ward in the village.

Former Carmona sarpanch Dias, who quit on health grounds, has already announced her support to the agitating villagers. Dias stated, “I was, I am and I will always be with the people as I was elected to do something good for the villagers.” Another panchayat member Carlos Jorge said, “We are with the people in opposing this project.” The third panchayat member objecting to this project is Prisco Rodrigues, who is now demanding that a re-inspection be held of the proposed site as he pointed out to certain discrepancies such as the six metre acquired road and another existing road on the northern side that have not been shown in the site plan.

Rodrigues exclaimed, “The local residents of this ward informed me about the existing cross and well that were also not shown in the plan. I was not aware as this ward is being represented by the local panchayat member and the present acting sarpanch Orlando da Silva, who should be aware as he has been elected for more than two terms now. But he did not inform us,” stated Jorge, with Rodrigues adding that he would now demand for the panchayat meeting to be held on September 29.

There is also stiff opposition to the Raheja multi-housing project from Agnelo Machado, who although presently residing at Nagoa-Verna, claims that he was unaware that the area surrounding his ancestral property at Tambdege-Carmona had been taken over by the Rahejas.

“I was never informed and I rarely visit my ancestral property after my parents expired. On September 23, when I was not allowed to enter my property, I lodged a complaint with the Carmona village panchayat that the access to my property is being denied to me. I ‘forcefully’ entered the property with the help of the CVC members. I have demanded that the Carmona village panchayat now conduct a survey since I will not sell off my ancestral property as the structure there has been shown in the survey plan as 68/3 and 68/4. My property lies within the banks of the fish farm purchased by the Rahejas till the banks of River Sal. There also used to be a four-walled structure that has now disappeared where the shell lime extracted from River Sal used to be brought. Besides, eight years back, those catching fish used to reside in kthis structure,” stated Miranda.

When contacted, da Silva replied, “As per my knowledge, Machado has got an access and he has never given his complaint in writing to the panchayat in the last eight years. Also, the compound wall in the Raheja property was built during the term of the previous panchayat body so these are all concoted stories. The authorities will have to take a decision and then the panchayat will follow it.”

Source/Reference: Times of India, “3 of 7 VP members support Carmona locals on issue

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