Accident at Raia triggers instant demolition and road widening operations

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January 8, 2014 at 6:32 pm #4997

Villagers of Raia blocked the Margao-Ponda national highway 17B at the Raia church junction throughout the day today (Wednesday, Jan 8, 2014), disrupting the flow of traffic since early hours of the day.

A resident of Raia died on the spot right in the middle of the road as a huge container truck collided with the road divider at the sharp turn at the end of the steep slope that leads to the junction. The lorry toppled onto the other side of the road and reached the corner next to the Raia church hall, hitting the person in the process.

The accident took place early in the morning and the ambulance is said to have taken way too long to arrive at the scene. When the ambulance finally arrived, the victim had already succumbed to the injuries due to heavy loss of blood.

The people of Raia have long demanded that the road along the bend be widened and made safer, as many accidents have taken place earlier and a number of lives have been lost. Today’s incident triggered protests as people blocked the road and demanded that the road be widened immediately.

By afternoon, work was already underway to widen the road and demolish the tea stall right opposite the Raia bus-stop. The deceased is said to have been crossing over to the same tea stall to pick up his newspaper daily when the fatal accident occurred.

As locals blocked one side of the highway, another structure adjacent to the tea stall was also being demolished under police protection. Meanwhile, other policemen were coordinating the flow of traffic through the other lane of the highway.

An excavator was also seen cutting the plot next to the tea stall. What procedures were followed, and who authorized the demolishing of structures and acquiring of property for the road widening is not clear.

Stay tuned for more news, and post your own updates below in case you have more information…

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January 11, 2014 at 8:03 am #5003

For those who could not witness the turn of events in person, here are some photos of the agitation, demolition and road widening operations that followed the accident…

01. The Haryana registration truck involved in the accident
02. The place where the lorry hit the divider
03. Road block at Raia junction
04. Diverted traffic jammed at Raia along Rachol-Margao road
05. Excavation work underway for road widening
06. Structure being demolished under police protection
07. Demolition and road widening in progress
08. The tea stall that was part of the accident story
09. People watch as the tea stall is being taken apart
10. Cutting of adjoining private property, for road widening
11. A crane arrives at 4pm to tow the truck
12. Preparations to pull up the truck
13. Crane decided to try from the other side
14. Crane attempts to pull up the truck
15. Agitated villagers rush to the crane and stall efforts to take the truck away
16. Crowd gets agitated and blocks full road to protest against attempts to remove truck
17. Roadblock removed after agitation following truck removal attempt
18. Partial traffic flow resumed

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