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February 22, 2014 at 6:14 pm #5191

Chimbel villagers are facing water problems with access to potable water becoming difficult due to contamination of wells. In the past, traces of human faeces and worms were even found in the water taps. 

Villagers say that the underground water pipeline has developed leakages at several places at the time of construction of government toilets for houses in the village. They say that sewage finds its way into the pipeline due to ruptures to it.  They say that the pipeline must have also developed rust due to several leakages. 

In the past, most of the households had their own wells but due to tap water supply, the wells were left unutilised which have gradually become contaminated. 

Villagers say that the government authorities should test the water from wells and supplied through tap to verify whether it is fit for consumption or not. They also feel that the sewage from the lines connecting the toilets finds its way into the water pipeline and wells and that the authorities should immediately take note of this and fix the problem, further expressing fears that if the problem was left unattended they would soon contract water-borne diseases.  The residents, venting their ire against politicians, said that their leaders come to visit them only at the time of elections and after the elections they are forgotten. 

Some locals felt that the panchayat should impose a penalty on those found misusing potable water. They said a temple well in the village can be restored for domestic consumption given the fact that availability of clean drinking water is a problem in the village. 

A businessman from Indira Nagar said that pipelines have developed leakages at several places and this affects the water supply that they get through public taps. He said that in the past they used to receive tap water twice a day but now the water is supplied only once a day and that too in little quantities and during odd hours.

He said the government agencies should conduct a house-to-house survey and identify wells for restoration.  Some locals, who use well water for drinking purpose, said that the wells are cleaned every year and they are used more during summer when there is short supply of water.  

Source/Reference: Navhind Times, “All’s not well with Chimbel wells

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