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June 30, 2012 at 5:39 am #3489


Of late we have seen cattle grow, especially on the highways causing loss of life and automotive damage.
Heard the have started clearing cattle in Canacona, we seriously need to look at NH 17 especially the verna Dabolim stretch, Dabolim Junction to the Bogmalo beach.

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July 2, 2012 at 12:56 pm #3492

Roy, this is an important topic you have brought up, one that should receive a standard state-wide response.

Any cattle found straying around and not accompanied by a care taker should be impounded.

I looked up your statement and found the following:

The Canacona municipality has sought the services of a Panjim-based team to impound animals. “All cattle straying anywhere in the municipal area will be impounded by a team from Panjim. The team will arrive in the taluka in the next 2-3 days and will lift each and every cattle straying in municipal areas,” Canacona Municipal Council (CMC) Chairperson Ramakant Naik Gaunkar told Herald.

“Farmers will have to go through all formalities, including payment of fines, to seek release of their cattle,” added Naik Gaunkar.

Sources/Credits: Herald

If Canacona municipality did it, why can’t the other urban local bodies? And what could stop such an initiative from being carried out even across all villages? We should pass such a resolution in our panchayats and take it up with the director of panchayats to initiate such an initiative.

July 6, 2012 at 10:06 pm #3509

Cattle menace is indeed effecting not only towns but also villages. The simple solution to this would be to give incentives to those that drive the cattle to the cattle yard, which every Panchayat should provide. The person bringing in the cattle should be awarded with a sum of Rs.200/= and the fine should be collected from the owner a sum of Rs.500/= this would provide employment to un-employed.

July 7, 2012 at 6:33 pm #3525

Good suggestion, Leo! And if unclaimed by the owners, the cattle should be auctioned.

In an interesting turn of events, Canacona Municipal Council’s (CMC) move to auction impounded stray cattle backfired yesterday after animal lovers filed a police complaint accusing the council of slaughtering the animals.

Source: Herald

Sequence of events:
* Youth dies at Chaudi due to stray cattle menace in the locality.
* CMC follows court directives and impounds 16 stray cattle with the help of an animal rescue team from Panjim.
* Cattle go unclaimed for about four days, so CMC auctions them to bidders as per the framework provided in the Act.
* CMC gets pounded with queries from some animal lovers over the status of the auctioned cattle; the civic body cannot provide suitable answers.
* Under pressure, CMC forms special team and succeeds in tracing all 16 stray cattle auctioned earlier.
* CMC parade the cattle in front of Canacona Police team at CMC cattle pound at Chaudi, to prove that the auctioned cattle were safe and sound and had not been slaughtered.

My opinion/questions:
1) What is the point of auctioning, that too as per law, if pressure from animal lovers causes the good work to be undone?
2) Was the issue just that CMC did not keep a record of whom they had auctioned the cattle to? If that is the case, then I suppose they can be auctioned again after recording required details.
3) What the bidders do after they win the cattle in the auction, is out of the control of the seller. Animal lovers genuinely concerned about the possibility of cattle being slaughtered eventually are free to participate in the auction, bid high and win them over themselves, swear an oath to keep them safe forever and never let them get astray again, and live with them happily ever after. Just don’t let people die in the name of love for animals. Makes me feel like there is a serious shortage of human lovers.

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