Chimbel village panchayat to convene meeting to decide fate of IT habitat

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Opinions are divided among the residents of Chimbel gram panchayat over the benefits of the proposed information technology habitat. In its last meeting held on May 22, gram sabha of the panchayat reiterated its opposition to the project on many grounds like water, absence of IT professionals in the area and job reservation for the sons of the soil.

Moreover the village tribals have been demanding the land for cultivation and setting up various facilities, as this is the only government land left unused in the area.

The Chimbel village panchayat has convened a meeting on June 20 to discuss the project with panchas and members of the core committee on the IT habitat. Stating that she is with the people on the IT habitat, Chimbel sarpanch Manisha Chopdenkar said that she cannot go against the wishes of the people.

Chopdenkar said that if she goes against people’s wishes then there is every possibility of panchas bringing in no-confidence motion to oust her from power.

However, in the same breath, Chopdenkar clarified that this project would be beneficial for the development of Chimbel, and that the people of Goa too will benefit from it.

“We cannot interfere with the policy of the government,” she maintained.

Chopdenkar said that government projects are good for the people and that now most of our students and IT experts go to Pune, Hyderabad or Bangalore where there are lot of opportunities and higher salaries.

“…I feel majority of the people are in favour of the proposed IT habitat, as they know the importance of the project in this era of IT…,” she said.

“We have convened a meeting of all the panchas and others linked to the project on June 20 to discuss and take a final decision on the project…,” Chopdenkar said.

The village panchayat has 11 panchas.

At the meeting, if majority of the people rally behind the project then we will go ahead with it. But if majority of the people turn it down then we will have to go with the people as power of the people plays a major role in a democratic setup, she said.

Manuel Vaz, a member of the core committee, said the villagers, who are mostly tribals, have been demanding the land earmarked for the project for building school, community hall, police station, marketplace, healthcare centre, playground and other facilities, which are found wanting in the village.

Source/Reference: Navhind Times, “Meeting to decide fate of Chimbel IT habitat

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