Clafacio inaugurates Cotamol canal at Cuncolim

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April 14, 2018 at 12:13 pm #8194

A water canal constructed in two months was inaugurated on Thursday in Cotamol, Cuncolim by MLA Clafacio Dias. The canal was built at a cost of Rs 68 lakh. The MLA said that the possibility of fishing in the canal could be explored.

Speaking at the opening of the canal, Dias said even though the proposal for the canal had been given during the term of the previous MLA, he was glad that the contractors had completed the work in a matter of a few months.

“The proposal for the canal was given more than 10 years ago, but nothing happened. Once we got the work order, I immediately asked the contractors to begin the work and complete the same before the monsoon. I am very happy to see the work that has been done,” he said. The canal measuring 2.5 meters in height, 13.6 meters in breath and 100 meters in length was built by contractors Ramesh Lotlikar in a matter of two months.

Source/Reference: Navhind Times, “Clafacio inaugurates Cotamol canal at Cuncolim

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