Culvert construction disrupts water supply to Chimbel

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May 30, 2013 at 11:59 am #4297

Water supply to entire Indira Nagar and many parts of Chimbel was disrupted on Tuesday, as the pipelines supplying water to these areas were damaged while work to construct a culvert was undertaken in a haphazard manner at Indira Nagar.

Even worse was the fact that these pipelines were located near drains and sewage seeped into them, raising fears of contamination of the water supply.

The culvert work was reportedly undertaken as the pre-monsoon showers had brought sewage and heaps of garbage onto the main road at Indira Nagar and the drains were choked. 

A PWD worker, speaking on condition of anonymity, informed Herald that the contractor undertaking the culvert work was told to be cautious while undertaking the digging work since water pipelines were located underground.

“But due to undue haste, the pipelines were ruptured and sewage water seeped into the pipes,” he added, while expressing concerns that contamination was a possibility even if repair work is undertaken. “We had even suggested that the pipeline should be first shifted before undertaking the culvert work,” he further informed.

However, Junior Engineer Parab dispelled fears of water contamination and informed that they had already stopped water supply in the area and before resuming supply, they would flush these pipelines and test the water for contamination after that.

When questioned if the department would test the water for contamination after resuming supply, he replied in the affirmative. “During this period, the affected areas will be supplied water through tankers,” said Parab.

Source/Reference: Herald, “Culvert construction disrupts water supply to Chimbel

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