Navelim villagers call for crackdown on illegal fruit godowns

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Extending their watch on food safety in the light of the formalin episode, Navelim villagers on Sunday demanded a crackdown on the mushrooming illegal godowns where fruits are stored. They strongly felt that these unmonitored godowns in Margao and surrounding areas could be used for artificially ripening the fruits sold in the market.

Villagers raised serious concerns over the recent reports of food contamination at the gram sabha of the Navelim village panchayat. It was alleged that a number of illegal godowns storing fruits have mushroomed in Margao and surrounding areas. These godowns are not under the surveillance of the authorities.

The villagers pointed out that the fruits sold in Goan markets should be monitored to prevent the artificial ripening of fruits.

They hoped that the Margao municipal council will take cognisance of the matter and also crack down on such godowns operating within its jurisdiction.

The gram sabha sought stringent punishment against those involved in the contamination of the fish brought from outside Goa.

The meet passed a unanimous resolution demanding that those involved in preserving the imported fish with chemicals should be put behind bars.

Those involved in the fish adulteration should be treated like an accused in an attempt-to-murder case, they opined.

It is pertinent to note here that recently a top police officer had called for a crackdown on drunk driving and said that a drunk driver should be looked upon as an accused in an attempt-to-murder case.

The gram sabha demanded that the government should ensure that the trawler owners, who are provided with Rs 100 crore subsidies from the government exchequer, sell their fish catch to Goans. They should be allowed to export only the surplus fish.

The villagers pointed out that if the trawler owners cannot sell fish to Goans then they should stop availing any subsidy from the government. And the government on its part should also stop extending the subsidy to the trawler owners.

The gram sabha also passed a resolution demanding that no new educational institution should be allowed to be set up at Navelim till proper parking facilities are put in place.

The villagers reckoned that present educational institutions should also not be allowed to expand their premises as parking woe has been going out of hand.

It was pointed out that expansion by an educational institution should be allowed only when adequate parking arrangements are put in place.

Some villagers suggested that the Navelim church could be requested to allow parking of vehicles in the area adjacent to the church, as the particular piece of land remains unutilised throughout the day, and that this ‘arrangement’ will end traffic congestion at Navelim.

Furthermore the gram sabha also objected to a proposal on setting up a mobile tower atop the Navelim panchayat ghar.

On the garbage issue, the villagers asked the panchayat to write to the Goa Solid Waste Management Corporation to prepare a chart of uniform fines to book violations of illegal garbage dumped by the road side.

Source/Reference: Navhind Times, “Navelim villagers call for crackdown on illegal fruit godowns

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