Paliem Village Panchayat blames PWD lethargy for poor water supply

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April 27, 2015 at 7:08 pm #5698

Residents of Paliem in Pernem, at the gram sabha held on Sunday, took the local panchayat to task over the “miserable” water supply in the village during the past three years. Residents demanded an explanation for the water shortage, especially since the village has two water storage tanks and a PWD well which provide regular water supply. Water is also supplied from the Chandel water treatment plant. The sarpanch and the panchayat body were unable to answer the villagers’ questions.

“Paliem is the only village which has its own well supplying water to the tank and also has a separate tank for the Chandel water connection. The villagers still receive water once in three days, and that too for one hour in the morning, even during the rainy season,” a local said.

The villagers added that even though erratic water supply has been plaguing the village for the last three years, the panchayat and the PWD have done nothing to resolve the issue.

“Paliem is the only village which is facing such a problem, and the panchayat and PWD have not yet taken any effective steps to solve it,” said local Rajan Tilve.

“The water tank situated on the hill is not filled by the PWD staff because they have to climb the hill two times a day and because of their lethargy, the 3,000 people in the village are suffering,” said Prashant Gawandi.

“The panchayat body along with the PWD staff conducted a survey of the tank and there is absolutely no leakage. The tank is just not being filled,” sarpanch Babani Arolkar said.

“We have written to the PWD office in Pernem, we met PWD engineers, memorandums and resolutions of the panchayat have been submitted to PWD, we warn of agitation but no PWD official is paying heed to our demand,” Arolkar said, adding, “It’s a simple task for the PWD, in fact, it’s their job. This would resolve the problem.”

The villagers, who gathered in large numbers, accused the panchayat of absolute failure to regulate water supply even during the rainy season, when water shortage cannot be an excuse.

Source/Reference: Times of India, “VP blames PWD lethargy for poor water supply

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