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August 19, 2013 at 12:16 am #4540

Residents of Bondbag in Ponda town on Saturday again opposed the dumping of plastic garbage by the Ponda municipal council (PMC) in a landfill site owned by the council.

About 100 locals sent back two trucks loaded with plastic waste. A similar incident occurred five years ago on July 28, 2008.

Irate locals prevented PMC trucks from dumping waste at the site alleging that the council was using non-scientific methods. They claimed that the dumping of garbage at the site had resulted in the decomposition of bio-degradeable waste in rainwater.

PMC’s local councillor Nidhi Mamlekar said that the site has made the lives of the people residing near the landfill site miserable. “The dump releases an unbearable stench that could lead to some health problems,” said Mamlekar.

Mamlekar said that she is with the locals and that the PMC had ignored her pleas when she requested them at meetings not to dump any more garbage in the landfill site. She said the locals would continue agitating against the dumping until it stops totally.

The site is situated on the border of the PMC area and Bethora panchayat, thereby causing inconvenience to locals of Bethora as well. Bethora locals have also opposed the dumping for the last five years. The Bethora gram sabhas on several occasions opposed dumping at the site.

Following opposition to the dumping, the council had attempted to remove the decomposed waste from Bondbag landfill site and dump it at Khandepar on March 3, 2013. This was opposed by the Khandepar locals.

Fearing possible health hazards several Khandepar locals had opposed the dumping of landfill mud in their village. Seven trucks with mud from the Bondbag landfill site were supposed to unload the mud for the approach roads of the proposed parallel bridge on Khandepar river.

PWD minister Ramkrishna ‘Sudin’ Dhavalikar had recently announced that the government was planning to set up a 2.5 tonne capacity garbage treatment plant at an estimated cost of 2.5 crore as a solution for the garbage issue of Ponda town, but the locals from Bondbag and Khandepar were not ready to allow the garbage in their respective areas.

Source/Reference: Times of India, “Ponda locals oppose garbage dumping

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