Sirsaim villagers for expediting VP ghar land transfer process

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May 28, 2018 at 6:43 pm #8224

Villagers of Sirsaim panchayat have decided to meet the Panchayat Minister Mauvin Godinho over the pending issue of panchayat ghar land and request him to expedite the process of transfer of ownership to the panchayat.

On Sunday, the ordinary gram sabha meeting of Sirsaim panchayat was held which was presided over by the sarpanch Anand Temkar in the presence of the panchayat secretary.

During the meeting, villagers expressed unhappiness over the absence of four out of seven panchayat members. The deputy sarpanch Gitisha Kandolkar and panchas Gokuldas Kandolkar, Laxmikant Parab and Reshma Parsekar were absent with the sarpanch Anand Temkar and panch members Vinay Gadekar and Dinesh Phadte present.

One of the villagers Hemant Kambli questioned what is the use of conducting gram sabha when majority of the panch remain absent and also few people attend the gram sabha?

Subsequently the issue of panchayat ghar was raised wherein the villagers questioned the sarpanch over the status. The Sirsaim panchayat ghar is built on communidade land which was gifted to the panchayat however due to various reasons the ownership of land was not transferred as a result the panchayat is facing problems.

After discussion, it was decided to meet the panchayat minister and request him to clear the file. After hearing villagers, the sarpanch Anand Temkar assured the gram sabha members that within 10 days he will seek appointment of Godinho.

The villagers also raised concern over the closure of mining activity and moved a resolution that the mining activity should restart as many people are directly or indirectly dependent on it.

During the meeting, villagers also demanded that the panchayat cut the branches and trees which are likely to fall on wires or obstruct streetlights, to clear bushes which have grown in the compound of temple and church before the rain starts.

The issue of garbage being dumped in open space was raised as people are throwing garbage in front of the panchayat in open compound which needs to be stopped. The panchayat body was to keep a watch on the persons throwing garbage in opens spaces.

Source/Reference: Navhind Times, “Sirsaim villagers for expediting VP ghar land transfer process

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