Spot billing puts Raia residents in a spot

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March 1, 2014 at 12:41 pm #5212

Spot billing had raised hopes amongst power consumers of receiving electricity bills on time and every month.

Residents of Manora-Raia and other areas covered under the spot billing scheme of the Goa government has received the bills, but after two months and more, raising doubts about the very efficacy of the project outsourced to a private agency.

Says Anthony Fernandes: “Residents of Manora-Raia have received hefty bills for two months when the consumers were assured time and again that spot billing would end their ordeal soon. The government should immediately look into the issue and ensure that the consumers receive the bills on a monthly basis”.

Anot her power consumer from Manora has received a power bill of Rs 2,032 for the period from December 12, 2013 to 13 February, 2014, drawing protests.

 “We cannot afford to pay the huge bill in one single instalment. The very purpose of spot billing will be lost if the bills are received by consumers after two or three months”, the resident remarked.

A delegation of the Manora-Raia villagers had called on the power officials at the Aquem Power house with a plea to put a system in place or face their wrath.

When contacted, the contractor said that the spot billing system is facing teething problems, adding that the system will fall in place after two cycles. 

“It is a fact that consumers have received power bill for two months. Issuance of bills will be streamlined after 2-3 cycles. There are a number of problems faced by us and we have brought them to the notice of the Power Secretary for redressal”, the contractor said, while assuring that consumers will receive spot bills every month after the three billing cycles.

Source/Reference: Herald, “Spot billing puts Raia residents in a spot

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