Tudva-Verlem locals have to depend on spring water for their needs

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September 12, 2014 at 6:40 pm #5586

Over 50 years have passed for Goa’s liberation, but Tudva-Verlem villages in Sanguem taluka have till date not enjoyed the benefit of proper water supply provision.

These villages depend on spring water that flows through five public taps; however, it is learnt that these taps are also expected to go.

Tudva and Verlem are situated in the hilly region of the taluka along the Karnataka border and hence the tribals from these areas face the water problem and are left to fend for themselves.

While several areas receive drinking water from Selaulim dam in Sanguem; ironically, these villages are two such areas that are longing for water supply from the dam.

Speaking to this daily, Tudva locals said that “the village comprises 100 to 120 inhabitants, and the public taps that they have are connected to a sweet water spring.”

“Even so many decades after Goa’s liberation, the governments have failed to provide us with water supply. Our villages are located quite above the sea level and we are entirely dependent on the spring water,” they said.

Narayan Gaonkar, a local said that “during earlier BJP government’s tenure a tank was installed in the village for water storage, but without facility to purify the spring water which we use for domestic purposes including drinking,” adding sometimes the cattle stray into the spring water, making it muddy and with the locals having no other option, they are compelled to use the same water.

“The other problem is that the spring water flows continuously and so the five public taps, making it difficult to stop the flow. Around 10 years ago, the locals used to use traditional methods to fetch water from the spring,” he said further.

Satish Gaonkar, panch of Tudva-Verlem, when contacted for his take on the water problem,

said that “in the past the PWD minister had ordered to shut down all public taps and give water connection to every house and now we are likely to be deprived of the existing five taps also.”

“But Tudva-Verlem locals are against removal of these taps. We will not take water connection by paying money. If government removes the five taps then we will continue using the spring water,” he added.

Tudva, Verlem are remote areas cut off from the mainland, almost 35 to 40 kilometer away from Sanguem market. However, in the last two years, the roads here have been asphalted but basic infrastructure is still a far cry for them.

Recently, the local MLA Subhash Phaldessai had made arrangement for a regular KTC bus service to these villages.

Source/Reference: Navhind Times, “Tudva-Verlem locals have to depend on spring water for their needs

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