Villagers scared as mining activities develop cracks in Dabdobo houses

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July 18, 2012 at 5:03 pm #3575

Source/Reference: Times of India, “ House for plan to stop illegal mining

Members of the Goa legislative assembly cutting across party lines on Tuesday suggested that the government should come out with a long-term plan to stop illegal mining in the state and to provide alternative employment to mining-dependent people.

Explaining that mining activity has caused a sense of fear among the people of Bicholim, independent MLA from Bicholim Naresh Sawal said, “Mining activities have developed cracks in Dabdobo village and in the houses of the people. Hence, they are scared to stay in those houses now.” He added that the water which is pumped out from mining pits is one of the reasons for the flood in Bicholim city.

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July 20, 2012 at 9:19 am #3580

Rs. 4,000 crore worth of mining that was illegal while BJP was in opposition becomes legal overnight while they are in power. With huge amounts of money changing hands in the form of “donations” and Mr. Parrikar changing faces w.r.t his stand about illegal mining the way he just did, it will not take much time for village houses to start crumbling down and for some villages to have to be abandoned forever. And it will probably be too late to do anything about it when that starts happening.

Politicians and mining juggernauts will eat up our land and then go settle somewhere overseas while we are left with wastelands.

With hopes we had in Parrikar dwindling, we can now only hope that some powerful activists can accumulate the facts that BJP had collected while in opposition and expose the illegalities once again.

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